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Submitting Materials

  • All materials sent for review will be retained by the reviewer. DVDs will not be returned to distributors. Every effort is made to match a qualified reviewer to the subject matter of the material. Please do not send postage paid return mailers. Doing so does not guarantee that the program will be returned to the distributor. Materials marked as preview, review, screener copies or as items that may not be added to library collections, or not for distribution, in most cases will not be reviewed.
  • The EMRO database is for reviews of non-print materials only. Workbooks, manuals and other print materials that accompany non-print (video, audio, CD-ROM) will be reviewed as part of a non-print package.

  • Please only send new releases and materials appropriate for college/university level audiences and above. Programs for other age groups may not be reviewed. Unreviewed programs will not be returned. Films sent from an original distributor will not be reviewed again, if sent by a second distributor, unless specifically requested in writing to the Editor explaining the reason for a second review.

  • Reviewers sign a licensing agreement that allows them to retain copyrights to their reviews. Distributors may use portions of a review for promotional purposes, as long as the name of the database and the name of the reviewer are cited. Posting complete copies of reviews on web sites including social networking sites, as well as in print materials require the permission of the review author and the EMRO Editor.
  • For notification when reviews are entered into the database, sign up for the RSS feed or follow EMRO on Twitter and Facebook.

Please send all materials to the following address:

Lori Widzinski, Editor
University Libraries
University at Buffalo
320B Capen Hall
Buffalo New York 14260

  • Questions and concerns about a submitting materials should be forwarded to the Editor.
  • Questions and concerns about a written review should be e-mailed to the Editor. An email copy will be forwarded to the reviewer and any factual errors will be substantiated and corrected.