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Israel: The Ark of the Covenant cover photo

Israel: The Ark of the Covenant 2003


Distributed by Chip Taylor Communications, 2 East View Drive, Derry, NH 03038-4812; 800-876-CHIP (2447)
Produced by G.N. Communication, Ltd.
Directed by Nir Toib
VHS, color, 88 min.

Jr. High - Adult
Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies

Date Entered: 02/06/2004

Reviewed by Michael Fein, Coordinator of Library Services, Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg, VA

Islam’s second holiest site, The Dome of the Rock and the adjacent Al Asqba mosque, is built on the site of the ancient Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem. Recently, a small but devoted sect of Jews who wish to usher in Messiah have been trying to get rid of the Islamic presence on Mount Moriah, rebuild the Temple, and reinstitute the sacrificial system to achieve their goal. This struggle, which began between Isaac and Ishmael, is at the root of the drama in this production. Here we see a “self-taught historian and researcher” named Richard Andrews as he attempts to find the Ark of the Covenant. He contends, as he has written in his book Blood on the Mountain, that the Ark is buried underneath the Dome of the Rock. We see him discussing his theory with leaders of the Jewish sects, Moslems, and Wendell Phillips (who is the inspiration for Indiana Jones.) The recent and sometimes bloody history of this site is included. Watching Israel: Ark of the Covenant will give some theological insight into the struggle in the Middle East. The production uses the term “Messianic Jew” to describe the sectarians. This may confuse some. In this instance the term “Messianic Jew” is used to refer to those who wish to usher in the coming Messiah as opposed to those who believe that He has come in the person of Jesus. Sound and picture quality are very good.