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The Golden Greats of Workology 2003


Distributed by CBC Audio, P.O. Box 500, Station A, Toronto, Canada, M5W 1E6
Produced by Nick Purdon
Director n/a
Audio CD, color, 88 min.

Business, Canadian Studies, Careers, Humor, Management, Sociology

Date Entered: 12/17/2003

Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA

Featuring an ensemble cast, this sound recording is a collection of stories that originally aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio One channel. Hosted by CBC producer Jane Farrow, Workology takes an often light-hearted, occasionally serious, always well-written look at jobs, work and organizational culture.

The 13 short program selections are organized around five different job cycles—the Good Day, the Bad Day, Scheming and Scamming, Self-Preservation, and Redemption. For anyone who has ever been employed in a service industry, factory assembly line, sales and telemarketing, or entry-level administrative job that was often dull or seemingly pointless, these stories are both entertaining and dismally familiar. Humorous segments include stories submitted by listeners describing nightmarish commutes and impossible retail customers as well as tongue-in-cheek reports by program cast members on clockwatching and getting around company rules. There are also more serious selections detailing company literacy programs and how firefighters and other emergency personnel deal with critical incident stress. Of possible, although perhaps limited, interest for managers and human resources specialists, the disc provides an amusing and insightful look at the reality of work.