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Degrowth: From the Myth of Abundance to Voluntary Simplicity cover photo

Degrowth: From the Myth of Abundance to Voluntary Simplicity 2016


Distributed by Distributed by CineFete, 1586 Fleury St. East, Suite 210, Montreal, Canada H2C 156; 800-858-2183
Produced by Produced by Camara Libre
Directed by Directed by Luis Picazo Casariego and Manu Picazo Casariego
DVD, color, 88 min.

High School - General Adult
Japan, Popular Culture, Music Trade, Singers

Date Entered: 10/05/2018

ALA Notable:
Reviewed by: Reviewed by Michael J. Coffta, Business Librarian, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

This crowdfunded work launches with scorn not only for the lifestyle of opulence, but for the dependence and obsession with economic and personal financial growth. Although the film makers hold out a modicum of hope for increase efficiency of production and Promethean technological discoveries, the film is comprised mostly of a diatribe against capitalism. Through interviews with pundits and philosophers, the film propounds the world’s depletion of resources, leading to the end of growth. The audience is warned of a spiral of consumption leading to disaster, unless people individually and collectively alter their minds and behaviors to consume less. The last third of the film is accentuated in focus with a rhetorical question and answer format. Here, the work delivers closure with a three point strategy to promote degrowth: voluntary simplicity, collective transition experiments, and political action.

This work has a heartfelt message and offers many stimulating animations, but suffers greatly from repetitiveness and frequent vagueness. The value of the film may be found in its final third with concise pacing, organized thought processes, and down-to-earth proposals.