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Death Makes Life Possible: Transforming the Fear of Death into an Inspiration for Living

Distributed by The Video Project, PO Box 411376, San Francisco, CA 94141-1376; 800-475-2638
Produced by The Chopra Foundation, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma Pictures, and Worldview Enterprises
Directed by Mark Krigbaum
DVD, color, 63 min.
General Adult
Health Sciences, Counseling, Neuroscience, Religion

Reviewed by Rodney Birch, Reference Librarian, George Fox University

Date Entered: 12/17/2014

Death Makes Life Possible approaches the millennia-old question, “what happens after death?” from a variety of perspectives. When one understands both the process and event of death, it provides one a greater appreciation for and understanding of life. The film does well to present the idea of “life – or not – after death” from a critical perspective. Each cultural, religious, and scientific perspective of death is given space to provide explanation for its description of what happens after death. This film is noteworthy in a time when most Americans try to pretend that death does not exist, yet it is an experience shared by all forms of life. So, what is the key to understanding death and the idea of life after death? One interviewee noted that, “the key to the conquest of death is to know who you really are.” This provides one with a greater appreciation of the life lived. This film is suggested for sociology, counseling, neuroscience, religion, and health care – the facets of all these subjects that deal with the study and understanding of death.