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The Films Of Jay Rosenblatt, Volume 2

Distributed by Jay Rosenblatt Film Library, Transit Media, 190 Route 17M, Suite D, Harriman, NY 10926; 800-343-5540
Produced by Jay Rosenblatt
Directed by Jay Rosenblatt
DVD, color and b&w, 81 mins.
College - General Adult
Experimental Films, Short Films

Reviewed by Sebastian Derry

Highly Recommended  Highly Recommended   
Date Entered: 11/20/2012

This second volume collects nine films from 2001-2011, and further cements Jay Rosenblattís reputation as a cinematic national treasure. On the disc:
  • Afraid So (2006) 3 mins.
  • Phantom Limb (2005) 28 mins.
  • I Just Wanted To Be Somebody (2006) 10 mins.
  • The Darkness Of Day (2009) 26 mins.
  • Prayer (2002) 3 mins.
  • The D Train (2011) 5 mins.
  • Nine Lives: The Eternal Moment of Now (2001) 1 min.
  • Worm (2001) 2 mins.
  • Way to Your Heart (2011) 3 mins.

In his own inimitable way, Rosenblatt combines both found and archival footage into thought-provoking, fully-formed smaller works that are haunting and timeless.

The overall tone in this collection is somewhat darker than the preceding Volume 1. Itís clear however, that events in Rosenblattís own life have informed these films in a profound and personal way, and itís no surprise that several are film festival award winners. If youíve ever lost someone youíve cared about, then two films here in particularóPhantom Limb and The Darkness of Dayówill touch you deeply.

Highly Recommended for all libraries.