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Dark Days: Shedding Light on Depression

Distributed by Video Education America, 10 Mitchell Place, Suite 103, White Plains, NY 10601; 866-727-0840
Produced by Michael DeRobbio
Directed by Kurt Breitenmoser
DVD, color, 21 min.
Jr. High - General Adult
Health Sciences, Psychology, Social Work

Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

Date Entered: 7/13/2012

Dark Days provides an overview of depression with a particular focus on adolescents and young adults. This “overview,” however, is still somewhat complex, so the film is broken up into brief chapters which can be presented separately: (1) What Is Depression?, (2) Who Is at Risk?, (3) Signs and Symptoms, and (4) Myths and Treatment. (If viewed in one sitting, however, the entire work is just over 20 minutes long.) In addition, there is a helpful summary at the end of each chapter to emphasize the main points presented. Experts in the field provide information and perspective, as well as actual young sufferers of depression. The actors in the film also seem like “real people,” that is, viewers can easily relate to them. Production values are good, with music and video appealing to young people. This would be a valuable resource for a counseling practice, support group, health education class or library mental health collection.