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An African Election cover photo

An African Election 2011

Highly Recommended

Distributed by Distributed by Cinema Guild, 115 West 30th Street, Suite 800, New York, NY 10001; 212-685-6242
Produced by Produced by Urban Republic
Directed by Directed by Jarreth Merz
DVD, color, 88 min.

Japan, Popular Culture, Music Trade, Singers

Date Entered: 08/08/2011

ALA Notable:
Reviewed by: Reviewed by Jessica Schomberg, Minnesota State University, Mankato

This documentary examines the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country to gain its independence. While everyone involved states that they hope elections are peaceful, as compared with the violence that beset elections in Kenya and Zimbabwe, new oil deposits found off the country’s coast make the financial incentives for winning even higher.

This film provides background information on Ghanaian history and politics as well as interviews with working class Ghanaians and behind-the-scenes footage of the two leading presidential candidates. Merz is skilled in interweaving all the elements of this story into a cohesive, engaging narrative; the excitement and tension the Ghanaian people feel throughout the process is clear and infectious.

Dialog is primarily in English with white English subtitles. In addition to interviews and on-the-streets footage, includes archival footage and political advertisements.

Highly recommended for libraries collecting in the areas of African studies, political science or post-colonialism.