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Alcohol and Pregnancy: Making Healthy Choices

Distributed by InJoy Videos, 7107 La Vista Place, Longmont, CO 80503; 800-326-2082
Produced by Jane Simmons and Vicki Murray-Kurzban
Directed by Vicki Murray-Kurzban
DVD, color, 10 min.
Sr. High - College
Teen Pregnancy, Substance Abuse

Reviewed by Sue F. Phelps, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA

Date Entered: 1/7/2011

This brief video is a lesson in three chapters on the use of alcohol during pregnancy. Chapter One is about the effects of alcohol on the unborn baby told in simple to understand language. Chapter Two addresses how to lead an alcohol free lifestyle including how to socialize and enjoy a relationship with a partner without the use of alcohol. Safety regarding nursing a baby and the risk of alcohol use before a woman knows she is pregnant is also mentioned. Chapter Three is a brief discussion of the effects of alcohol use on a family as well as how to recognize and address alcohol problems. The topic is told primarily for the young adult mother and father in neutral language; Alcohol and Pregnancy takes up a sensitive subject and points out difficult consequences without judgment.

This video is professionally produced with excellent sound and videography. It is available in English and Spanish and includes closed caption in English only. Handouts and a teaching guide are available through the distributerís website, as well as a short preview of each of the three chapters of the video.

Alcohol and Pregnancy: Making Healthy Choices is appropriate for consumer health libraries, high school libraries, recovery programs for teens, and public libraries.