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Low Visibility (part of the series Key Canadian Works by Women)

1984, 2007
Distributed by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, 401 Richmond St. W., Suite 119, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8; 416-588-0725
Produced by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Directed by Patricia Gruben
DVD, color, 84 min.
Women’s Studies, Film Studies

Reviewed by Rue McKenzie, University of South Florida, Tampa

Not Recommended   
Date Entered: 1/12/2010

Low Visibility is a difficult film to describe, and perhaps more difficult to review. On the one hand there are creative elements of the storyline that intrigue the viewer, but there are also many incomprehensible themes and scenes. Although visually the film can draw the audience in, particularly during the wide range of character interactions, the audio is very poor. The entire film sounds like the microphones involved were being blown by the wind. This is not only annoying, it at times detracts completely from the story unfolding (however oddly) on the screen.

Although I do not recommend this film as a standalone program, it could be valuable to college level art history and film courses as part of the larger series Key Canadian Works by Women in surveying experimental film by women. This film, along with the others from this series, is accompanied by an excellent study guide.