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The Dilemma of the White Ant

Distributed by Bullfrog Films, PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547; 800-543-FROG (3764)
Produced by Television Trust for the Environment
Directed by Caroline Pare
DVD, color, 26 min.
Jr. High - Adult
African Studies, Uganda, Ethics, Human Rights

Reviewed by Gerald Notaro, University Librarian, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Date Entered: 7/15/2009

The Dilemma of the White Ant is one part of an eleven part Life 6 educational series designed to stimulate discussion and interest involving ethical conflict in the growing global world. This disc examines the complexities of globalizing criminal justice. A rebel group in Uganda, the Lordís Resistance Army, abducts a nine-year-old boy from his family and village. They raise and indoctrinate him, the result being he becomes a soldier in the army. The World Court and The Hague subsequently seeks him and other rebels for war crimes committed against their countrymen. These crimes go beyond killings. Atrocities include forcing mothers to beat their own children to death. Even so, discussions among Ugandans include accepting the now young man back to his village with forgiveness. Villagers who speak out for bringing commanders to justice articulate a rare and graceful eloquence. Members of the International Criminal Court challenge Ugandans on their traditional views of justice through outreach programs. The ICC holds warrants on rebels who participated in and ordered the atrocities on the Ugandan citizens. The moral conflict is not unique, victim as perpetrator, but the impact here affects an entire country. Recommended for purchase for all libraries. The disc offers audio descriptions for the visually impaired and subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.