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Breastfeeding for Working Mothers: Planning, Preparing and Pumping cover photo

Breastfeeding for Working Mothers: Planning, Preparing and Pumping 2009


Distributed by Distributed by InJoy Videos, 7107 La Vista Place, Longmont, CO 80503; 800-326-2082
Produced by Produced by InJoy Productions Inc.
Directed by Director n/a
DVD, color, 88 min.

Sr. High - Adult
Japan, Popular Culture, Music Trade, Singers

Date Entered: 06/08/2009

ALA Notable:
Reviewed by: Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

It has been well-established by health professionals that breastfeeding is the ideal nutrition for infants in the first year of life. Unfortunately, that prescription to mothers often runs up against significant barriers to compliance when they have to return to work following maternity leave. This well-organized and thorough, but not overly detailed maternal guide offers a systematic and reasonable approach to mothers seeking to overcome those barriers. Divided into three segments, the DVD addresses planning for returning to work prior to maternity leave (with continued breastfeeding in mind), preparing for the return to work while still on maternity leave, and the actual return to work. Such issues as accentuating benefits to employers, adjusting feeding schedules prior to the return to work, preparing childcare providers for taking care of breastfed infants, and milk-handling and storage guidelines are covered. Pumping equipment and techniques are demonstrated, and a list of featured products is included at the end of the film. There is even a parent handout available online to accompany the DVD. An excellent addition to nursing, pediatric and consumer health collections. (Available in Spanish as well as English.)