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Getwell: Keeping Faith (Part 1 of 4 Part Series)

Distributed by Aquarius Health Care Videos, 18 N. Main St., PO Box 1159, Sherborn, MA 01770; 888-440-2963
Produced by Gannon Weaver
Directed by Patrick Sheehan and Gannon Weaver
DVD, color, 15 min.
Sr. High - Adult
Health Sciences

Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

Not Recommended   
Date Entered: 6/8/2009

Getwell: Keeping Faith is set in Memphis, Tennessee at a faith-based health care clinic, Church Health Center, run by Dr. Scott Morris, in the wake of the rise in the uninsured and the collapse of the TennCare state health insurance program. There are many visually and emotionally arresting moments in the town meetings and interviews with people affected by this devastating crisis in healthcare coverage, as this DVD addresses these and related issues of access—or the lack thereof—to care. However, the film never seems to settle on its primary point. Is it that the faith-based health clinics are, in spite of the odds against them, serving their patients well as they “fill in the gaps” in our healthcare safety net? Or is it that they’re trying to hold back the ocean of need with a teaspoon? Or is it a general observation of how one particular community is affected by the collapse of the healthcare system in America? (The influx of transplanted New Orleanians displaced by Hurricane Katrina during the time period addressed is also thrown into the mix.) It should be noted that this is Part 1 of a series of 4 DVDs, the only part provided EMRO for review. Perhaps the main focus is made clearer in the ensuing parts. However, judging from this somewhat disorderly beginning, this reviewer cannot recommend the series.