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Cholesterol: Sex, Lies and Coronaries (Medical Studies Series)

Distributed by Chip Taylor Communications, 2 East View Drive, Derry, NH 03038-4812; 800-876-CHIP (2447)
Produced by ABC International Inc.
Director n/a
DVD, color, 30 min.
Sr. High - Adult
Health Sciences

Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

Date Entered: 6/6/2006

Many people are under the impression that cholesterol is the prime, if not the only, culprit behind heart disease, and that one must avoid foods with high cholesterol content in order to avoid high blood cholesterol. However, as this film ably demonstrates, this is an oversimplification when it comes to assessing an individualís cholesterol levels and potential dietary changes. This Australian program, part of the Medical Studies Series, attempts to explain in laymenís terms the somewhat complicated individual interpretations needed from our current population-based understanding of cholesterol and heart disease. Their efforts are quite successful, using case studies, expert interviews and graphics to convey the confusing and seemingly contradictory nature of HDL and LDL cholesterol, antioxidants and free radicals and saturated fats in inducing or preventing heart disease. The production quality is excellent, and the film is rarely dull or tedious. This would be an fine addition to any consumer health collection.