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The Dad Difference: Raising Children Birth to Five cover photo

The Dad Difference: Raising Children Birth to Five 2004


Distributed by Distributed by InJoy Videos, 1435 Yarmouth Ave., Ste. 102, Boulder, CO 80304; 800-326-2082
Produced by Produced by Vicki Kurzban
Directed by Directed by n/a
DVD, color, 88 min.

Sr. High - Adult
Japan, Popular Culture, Music Trade, Singers

Date Entered: 10/10/2005

ALA Notable:
Reviewed by: Reviewed by Mary Northrup, Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods, Kansas City, Missouri

Dads are unique and they can be involved in their children's lives: This is the overarching theme of The Dad Difference. In a variety of scenes, viewers are shown and told how they can become active, involved fathers to their babies and young children. The voice-over is male and in some scenes, the dads talk directly to the viewers. Almost every scene is of dads and kids, except when the subject is specifically about the mother, as in the pregnancy and birth segments.

Volume One: The Basics, starts with pregnancy and relates how fathers can love and communicate with their children even when in utero. Through labor and birth and the first few weeks and months of child care, what fathers can do is told in very specific terms. A "Father Fact" shows up occasionally to make a factual point through graphics. At the end of each section, a summary of the important points made is shown through a graphic (words) and voiceover. Occasionally "Dad to Dad" is shown, in which a dad is talking directly to the viewers about a specific situation, such as childproofing the house or communicating with one's partner. Volume Two: Involved From the Start, covers such topics as discipline, relating to the child's mother, work, and single fatherhood.

A diverse cast of real parents and kids make this video appealing to all. Short sections in each volume keep the viewer's attention. The scenes of dads relating to their babies and young children are well-portrayed and will be inspiring to the audience.

A Facilitator's Guide is available with this DVD, with suggestions for use, discussion questions, and handouts. The DVD and guide could be used effectively in parenting classes, high school classes for young parents, and as part of video libraries in doctors' offices and public libraries. A great teaching tool that will inspire and instruct new and prospective dads.